Change management careers are great challenge to overcome especially for those who are not prepared.

Change Management Careers: Make it Happen with Business and Marketing Degrees

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 What is Business and Marketing? 

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Available Majors 

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Steps to change management careers

More and more people are nowadays considering change management careers. This trend is mostly noticed within the groups of people who have been working for several years. Unlike before when this age group did not have a variety of careers to choose from, now they not only have a vast choice but are getting to start all over in jobs that they love. Change management careers are also occurring in not only mid level career but at management level. However change management careers are not an easy thing and do not happen overnight, it is a calculated and planned move. The economy is also a major player as to why change management careers are necessary.

Below we discuss the key strategic steps which have to be followed by anyone wanting to change management careers. Managing these steps effectively is key in making effective change management careers.

  1. The first important step is seeking the services of a coach when looking to change management careers.  The career coach will be beneficial in guiding you through the whole process of career change. Using a coach ensures that you have a high probability of success.
  2. Have a personal vision of where you want to be in a few years time and what you want to do in the new career. This should be written down and used as reference while making decisions throughout the change management careers steps. The coach will assist you in coming you in defining your personal vision.
  3. Break down your vision into goals which are achievable. Writing down goals is important in change management careers process for evaluating your progress. Have short term and long term goals.
  4. The next step is identifying your interests, passion and hobbies. These are useful in finding out the career line that will suit you mostly. A good and satisfying career is one which is in line with what you love doing.
  5. With the help of your coach develop a short list of your change management careers ideas and carry research on them. Get to know everything possible about those change management careers. If needed and if possible try to job shadow someone in that career to have a feel of how the career is. Find out the job market, the industry trends and future growth or redundancy in that industry.
  6. Identify the type of work schedule that you would want your next career to have. If amongst the reasons for change management careers is you need more time to spend with your family then the work schedule should give you that. You will the have to decide whether you want a fulltime job or part-time job and what the working hours are and their flexibility.
  7. Determining the environment that you would want to work in is also vital. Environment is another reason why people make change management careers either due to health issues or comfort. Decide whether you would prefer working at home, in a corporate setting, a factory or a small office environment.
  8. The next step in change management careers process is identifying the skills that you posses. This is to help you and your coach analyze and see which of the skills can be transferred to the new change management careers.
  9. With the help of your coach identify the additional certification, training and experience that you need for the success in the change management careers. You also need to workout the estimated money and time investment need to acquire these.
  10. This is where you pick and settle on one of the change management careers that you identified match your interests. After you have identified all of the above, the work schedule, environment, skills, additional training needed for all the change management careers you identified, you rank them and pick the top one.
  11. This is the step where you make the change management careers move. Remember to leave the career you are in when in good terms with your colleagues and bosses. Your paths may cross again or they could be friends or relatives of the new bosses and this may impact in your new change management careers. Give your official resignation, serve your notice and say your goodbyes when the time comes.
  12. After all the above now the hard part begins. You have to grow your change management careers. You will have to network with other people in the same industry or career line. Build up your network. You can also take advantage of the network of your coach.

Change management careers maybe a difficult task and may take a long time to get the results that you desire but it the end it is deeply satisfying. Once you have settled down in the change management careers and you start experiencing career growth, you will reap the benefits. In addition you will be doing what you love therefore there is more job satisfaction.

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